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The Only Right Way is Wrong

you know you want it

Tommy Minahan
19 November 1984
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I'm here, i'm queer, i don't want any more bears..

oh wait.. no i'm not..

I LOVE the the simpsons, and in having a conversation with me, be aware that i'll drop in at least 20 simpsons lines a minute.. :)
and if you don't like it, go to russia!

I don't really have anything about me that people don't already know..
but, if your a stalker, i'll humour you.

I'm 20, i'm a boy, i currently reside in Gilbert AZ.. I play guitar, and bass, but i'm a left handed weirdo, so don't attempt to ask to play my guitarz.. unless you're a freak too..
I love Punk Rawk, and Alternative Music..
I want to grow up to be either an astronaut, or Bob Saget..
... Wait, what?
I'm not that into doing "stuff".. and/or cultured things.. I like my beer cold and my homos FLAMING.
I'm into lots of different nerdy things... And i like Comedy... Love It! I'm very edumacated in the music industry, and Comedy Industy... (wouldn't that be cool if there really was a comedy industry? we could take it over by storm!!)

Not much else to talk about.. feel free to IM me, I'm on AIM more often than SmarterChild... (hehe.. snap to that bot)
So, thats about it LoSerS!!!
Now, make like a tree, and get out of here...


^fairy like wings added to increase my homo-tendencies. heh
adam willis rocks, afi, aim, alix, alkaline trio, angel, arizona, ashley, authority zero, autopilot off, avril lavigne, badly-translated pornography, barenaked ladies, bass, beer baron, blink 182, bob villa, bowling for soup, brad, brand new, candy, caroline, cats.. wait no, cds, cheese, chris, christianity, computers, crate, cupcakes, dashboard confessional, dave matthews band, dishwashers, dnl, doh, email, emo, family guy, fender, finch, foo fighters, fossil, fourbanger, freaks, fuck, gaff tape, gilbert, girl repellent, glaracon, gobo, god, good charlotte, grapefruit, greenbean, greenday, guitar, guitar center, hello john, hobo, hojo, homer, homer simpson, homestar, html, ibanez, jack black, jason, jeri, jesus, jimmy eat world, john mayer, lauren, lava lamps, lighting, liquidnails, mcdonalds, metropolitan matress, midtown, mighty mighty bosstones, mike, money, monkeys, mourning maxwell, movies, mp3, mp3s, music, musicman, mxpx, my traci, new found glory, nick, ninjas, orgasmus, overshare, parcan, pepsi, phil, porn, power rangers, punk, purple, ralph wiggum, rex banner, rock, ron burgundy, saves the day, sextastic, simple plan, sixth year senior, skittlebrau, slowpoke, smaller intestines, sound, sourcefour, south park, sr-71, strong bad, stuff, sweatsocks, taking back sunday, techies, technical theatre, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the ataris, the format, the get up kids, the matrix, the simpsons, the starting line, the used, theater, theatre, third eye blind, tommy lee jones, tori, ultimate fakebook, vans, vernors, volcom, weezer, whore island, whoreness, woohoo, zach